About Me

My name is Kevin Lee, and I am 35 years old.  I weighed around 440 pounds, at my peak, and I am working on trying to lose around 200 pounds or so.  I would like to be around 230 pounds if at all possible.

I started dieting on my own in August of 2016, and sometime around December I consulted with Columbia Strength and Conditioning, in Columbia MO.  They directed me to Melisa Reams, who is currently my dietician.  With Melissas’ help I have lost around 50 pounds so far.

I am starting this weight loss diary, so Melissa can keep an eye on it, and see how things are going.  It was easier and funner for me, than emailing her every day.  I have opened this diary to the public, and put it on the web, so others, who may be in a similar situation, can look to it, and take what they want from it.  I am not here to offer inspiration, or advise.  I am only putting this out into the universe to let people know what I am doing.  If you find anything useful from it, please go ahead and try it out.

I called it Odyssey Fitness, because like Homers “The Odyssey,” my weight loss has been and will be an adventure, a journey.  There will be tests, and trials, and set backs.  No ones weight loss journey is perfect, and neither is mine.  This diary and its associated pages, are just here to document the adventure.

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