Current Stats

Current Weight: 388.4 lbs ( -51.6lbs )



I woke up pretty early this morning.  Probably because I went to bed super early.  Sleeping is my anti-food defense mechanism.

I hope I can make today a get shit done day.  I would like to get a shared office space payed for, and start getting Hotshot Repair registered with the state and city.  I am looking at a place downtown, that is a shared office space, and is only about $70 a month.  I have used it before in the past, and it was OK, but I will need to keep Hotshot Repair a semi mobile business.  I can’t store parts or equipment there, and would have to keep bringing them with me, which is fine to start out.

I had a little bit of motivation to walk there, but we will see how that goes.  It would be nice to get in some walking today.


I cooked up a couple of sausage patties, a couple of eggs, an avocado, and a slice of toast for breakfast.  I went a little heavy on this meal, because I was really hungry, and I may be out of the house later.  I forgot to take a picture before I started eating, because I was hungry, like I talked about, damnit.

I pretty much eat this combination for every breakfast, because I like it, and I know how it affects my diet.  It fills me up, keeps me going for a few hours, and it is high in protein and fat.


I am starting to get hungry again, but I don’t quite want to have lunch yet.  I am trying to put lunch off until around 3:00pm or so.  I may head upstairs, and grab an apple and some almonds.  I need to head to SAMs and get some more groceries;  I am running out of some food.



I grabbed an apple and some almonds to tide me over, until I could eat lunch.  The apple was the last in the drawer, and it looks like the runt of the litter.  Whatever, it will do.


I went out and started looking at office space for Hotshot Repair.  You can read more about that by clicking here.  That took me about an hour and a half, but was very productive.  One thing I was happy about while looking for an office.  They had regular office chairs there, and I actually fit into one.  I am surprised, as I have had to get big and tall chairs for my regular use.  I am not saying I wouldn’t break the chair, but at least I fit into it.  That is something that is new to me.


I ate a handful of almonds, while I waited for my lunch to cook.  So far I am staying out of trouble, and that makes me happy.

I cooked up my usual Teriyaki chicken and vegetable dish.  It is monotonous, but reliable, and easy.  It was good as usual.


I need to settle in and work on the Hotshot Repair website.  I think I have settled on some office space, so as soon as I have the website done, I can rent the space, and start spreading it on Google Local, and other search engines.  I have to go up and do the dishes pretty soon, so, no time to nap 🙁



Ruh-roh, Mom cooked tacos for dinner, and I had quite a few of them.  It was a massacre.  I had like 6 tacos, and two hand fulls of chips, and bean dip.  It was something to behold.  Not only that, but I took off with 12 Ritz crackers, and 3 cheese sticks.  That has to be around 1300 calories, right there.

So, lets analyze this.

I got back from looking at office spaces, and was semi-starving.  I should have had a snack, before dinner, like an apple and some almonds, but I was out of apples, and I didn’t make it to the store today.

Lesson 1 – Always have healthy food, at hand.

I saw food, already prepared, and ready to eat, and I didn’t even weigh the risks in my head, I just went for it.  I should have stuck to my routine.

Lesson 2 – For fucks sake, find a healthier option.

I am going to see if I can lay off of the food for the rest of the night, and get back into my weekday routine tomorrow.  Hopefully this doesn’t cost me too much.  I hope that even if it does, it is mostly carb weight.  We will see, and I will know more tomorrow.

I think it is good that I stayed on the rails for most of my weekend.  I might have blown the last bit of it, but this weekend has been better than some of my past ones, and for that, I am grateful.  I think the best thing to do, is take some of the lessons from this weekend, and apply them to the next one.  Hopefully, I can make it though the next weekend, without fault.

We will see.