Current Stats

Current Weight: 387 lbs ( -53 lbs )




My taco slaughtering episode, did not have as great a negative impact as I feared.  I am down to 387, so I still lost 1.4 lbs over yesterday.  That makes me feel better, but I still need to work on my discipline.  I would probably have done even better without the tacos, so that makes me a little sad.

I know I shouldn’t be a slave to the scale, but it is hard not to, as it is my way of measuring success.  I started this battle, with a goal weight in mind, and I have to check the scale to see how I am doing.


My mom found some knee braces we had laying around.  I am going to give the one piece brace a try first, and see how well it does, and if I don’t like it I will try the Velcro brace.

I am excited to give them a try, and I hope they prevent an episode, like I had Friday.  If I can keep that from happening, I want to try walking on Saturday and Sunday.


I put on the knee brace, and walked to work.  It is about 1.8 miles each way.  The brace worked beautifully, and I had much less knee pain.  This brace was too tight, and seemed to cut off circulation to my leg, so I felt a mild throbbing sensation as I walked.  I really like the one piece brace, but I need to find something larger.

The walk went great otherwise, and I am excited to see how my knee feels Friday.


I cooked up a sausage patty, an egg, and an avocado.  I forgot my toast this morning, but that’s OK.  I am eating lite this morning to make up for my taco fiasco yesterday night.  I plan to have a regular lunch, though, so I won’t be starving.  The plan is to keep dinner to my familiar routine, of steak, and vegetables.


I need to make sure I am getting in my water requirement.  I have been failing in that department, so I want to keep a closer eye on it.  I use a 46 oz bottle at work, so I would like to get in 3 of those a day, and then at least one of my 72 oz bottles at home, during the evening.


So far my water intake is going good.  I am starting my second 46 oz bottle now.



I had lunch, my usual, teriyaki chicken, and 16oz of vegetables.  I also had 1.5 scoops of Optimum Nutrition Strawberry Banana protein powder, in 1 cup of unsweetened cashew milk.

I am on my third 46oz bottle of water, and will finish it before I leave the office to head home.

I need to stop by SAMs on the way, and get some groceries.

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I am about to wrap it up at work, and get ready to walk home.



The walk back to the truck was tough.  I must have had the knee brace on wrong, or the hole in the wrong place, because it seemed to make my knee worse.  I readjusted it, and that seemed to help, but my knee still had it’s weak moments.  On top of that, somehow, I think I lightly sprained my ankle.  It is very sore now, when I put weight on it.  I have taken quite a bit of Motrin to reduce any swelling, hopefully that will help some.  I hope it is better by tomorrow.  I need to look into a properly fit brace, and see what I can find.  I want to blame an incorrect brace for my current trouble, because I haven’t had this problem before, and I don’t remember any incident that would have sprained my ankle.


I made it by SAMs, and picked up some rib eyes, and vegetables.  I also picked up some organic whole grain bread, as a healthier bread option.


I cooked up my usual rib eye and vegetables.  I cooked this one perfectly, and it was delicious.  I did make the mistake of getting into the Ritz crackers, and some cheese, and by the time all was said and done, I was three sticks of cheese deep, and about 12 Ritz crackers.  I stopped myself, and it could have been worse.  There were still crackers on the table, by the time I throttled back.

I did manage to get in my 138 oz of water today, and I am working on another 72 oz now.  I shouldn’t have any problems finishing it off, to make that goal.

This Saturday and Sunday is probably going to suck.  My brother and his family are coming to town, and there will probably be lots of bad food laying around.  I will see how well I can contain myself, but I am only cautiously optimistic.  Luckily I work on Saturday and Sunday, so at least I will stay out of trouble during the day.  If there is cookies and cake, I will be in trouble.