Current Stats

Current Weight: 386.4 lbs ( -53.6lbs )

Not as big a drop as I had hoped, but it is a loss nonetheless. I will take what I can get, and see what tomorrow has in store for me.



My ankle is still hurting, mostly when I flex it, or jump on it.  I still plan to walk to work this morning, but I hope to take it slow, and not cause any further problems.

I got a new knee brace ordered.  It came highly reviewed, and I was able to get one sized properly.  I will tell you more about it, after it gets here.  I had it overnighted, so it should be here tomorrow, hopefully, before Saturday.  I would really like to get it before this weekend.


My walk started out tough.  My ankle was in a moderate amount of pain, but my knee felt ok.  As the walk went on, my ankle loosened up, or I got used to the pain, either could be the case.  In any event it got easier as I went along.

I must have had my knee brace on correctly this time, as my knee kept going throughout the walk.  I will know more tomorrow, as my second day is always the easiest, and then on the third day, I run into problems.  If all goes well tomorrow, I will know if the knee brace had any affect, but right now, I feel optimistic.

I would like to get some walking in on Saturday, if all goes well, knee wise.  Possibly even Sunday too; I am getting a little excited.


I made my usual breakfast of an egg, avocado, sausage patty, and I added a slice of whole grain bread.

Holy shit, I put the egg on the toast, with the sausage patty, and ate it, and it was incredible.  I think I will try cooking the egg longer, on PAM, and cook the sausage less, and not press it, and then put it all together.  That will be an awesome open faced breakfast sandwich.



Holy crap, I was busy today.  I didn’t even have time to get lunch in.  I am starving, but I want to start the walk home.  Who knows what consequences this will incur.  I know heading home on an empty stomach is a terrible idea, but I also know how much it sucks to walk back to the truck on a full stomach.  I think I am going to risk it, and just head home.

I will just try to eat consciously, and stay away from the shit, I know is bad.  I have steaks in the freezer, and apples, and almonds.  Let’s just try to stick to those items when I get home.

I am just hoping that I can stay out of the Ritz crackers and cheese tonight.  I think that was my lynch pin and is possibly responsible for my low weight loss this morning.  I would like to try to eliminate it, and see how my weight fares tomorrow morning.  That would kinda give me an idea about what to expect with my usual diet, as the Ritz crackers and cheese are not a planned part of it.

I didn’t do as well as I wanted on my water intake.  I only got in 2 46 oz bottles, so I am a little short.  I will need to make that up tonight, and try to get in 2 72 oz bottles after I get home.



The weather must have been in the high 60’s on the way back to the truck, because it felt quite warm with my cold gear on, and my jacket.  I may need to drop some layers if this weather keeps up, because it was a little uncomfortable.  It may be time to get some heat gear ordered, along with some new shoes, because my current shoes are wearing thin, and causing shin splints.

The walk went pretty well though.  I must have had the brace on properly, because I had nearly no knee pain.  My ankle was still sore from whatever I did to it yesterday, but it wasn’t too bad.  I bought a brace online, and it was very pricey, at around $100, so I hope it is worth it.  For right now, I am a big believer in knee braces.  I really hope my knee holds up through tomorrow.  I would really like to walk this Saturday and Sunday.


I got home, and snacked on an apple, and some almonds.  Honey crisp apples are my favorite.  I ate that while I waited for the stove to heat up.  I cooked up my usual steak and vegetables.

I came close to slipping up.  I opened the bread cabinet, and stared down some of my favorite crackers, but I didn’t touch them.  I came close, but I managed to stop myself, and I feel pretty good about that.  I kept opening the fridge, and closing it, thinking that each time I opened it, maybe there would be something delicious in there for me to snack on.  I got lucky, in that it is mostly stocked with stuff for my Brothers Birthday, and I am not allowed to touch it.

I am trying to eat lite for the next 2 or 3 days, because Sunday will probably be a big food day, as it is my Brothers Birthday.  So far Biscuits and Gravy, are planned for breakfast.  Then there will probably be cake and ice cream for dessert.  I am not sure what we are having for dinner.  I don’t think Saturday will be too terrible, as I told my family to go eat Mexican without me.  I will just come home and cook my steak and vegetables.  As long as I can keep my snacking to a minimum, I should be OK.

So far I am doing really well.  I have stayed away from the crackers, and cheese.  If I can keep this up the rest of the night, I should do pretty well tomorrow.  I am excited to see how my knee holds up tomorrow.