Current Stats

Current Weight: 384.4 lbs ( -55.6lbs )

I am down 2 pounds from yesterday.  I am stoked about that, because 385 has been a barrier of mine for about the last 2 months.  I need to stay on track here, and keep up the good work.  I would like to be at 380 by Monday the 27th.



I managed to stay out of trouble last night, and I am so proud.  I stayed away from all the bad items I love to eat, and I was rewarded this morning.  I woke up and hopped on the scale to see how I did, and I was pleasantly surprised, because I am down 2 pounds over yesterday.  I need to keep this up, because I would like to get down to 380 by Monday.  With Sunday looming, we will see how that goes.

I only got in one of the 72 oz bottles of water that I wanted, so my water intake is low for yesterday.  I will try to do better today.  I just fell asleep early, at around 9:00pm or so.

My knee still feels pretty good, and my ankle still hurts a bit, but not as bad as it did a couple of days ago.

I was looking at the weather, and it looks like it will be raining today and tomorrow.  I hope it clears up by the time I try to walk back to the truck.  I would hate to miss a day or two because of rain.  I need to look around and see if I can find an umbrella.


I went upstairs because I was hungry.  Holy shit you should see all the cookies and brownies laying out.  It took all my willpower not to get into them.  I grabbed my apple, and almonds, and ran downstairs.


My walk went really well.  My knee pain stayed at a dull roar, and my ankle pain is diminishing.  I am excited to see how I feel after I walk back to my truck tonight.  If all goes well, I plan to walk in tomorrow as well.  I will know more on that this evening.

I found the perfect walking song for my pace.  It is, “Without Me” (Eminem, 2002).  The snares in the song seem to match perfectly to my stride.  It really helps me keep pace.


Oh my God.   I made that sandwich I talked about yesterday, and it was very good.  I cooked the egg over hard, and kept the sausage fluffy, and didn’t butter the bread, just toasted it.  I am really pleased with it, but I ran out of pepper, so it was a little under seasoned.  I will be eating this again.  I am still trying to keep my diet light, for today, and tomorrow, in anticipation of any setbacks Sunday.  So far I have been doing pretty good.  I made it through last night, and into this morning without any problems.

I am formulating a plan for Sunday.  The plan is to keep it to one plate per meal, with a goal of not refilling the plate.  I don’t think I will put a limit on the amount I can put on a plate, but I want to try to keep it to 1 layer.  For example, I don’t care if I put 2 biscuits on a plate, but I will try not to stack the biscuits to make room for other shit.  Another rule I am working on, is no snacking between meals.  There will be breakfast, and then I head to work, where I am safe, and then I get home, and have dinner.  I will probably try to avoid dessert, because I am not much of a cake person to begin with, but that will depend on what kind of cake it is.  If it is anything other than a fluffy, chocolate or vanilla cake, I will be fine.  Otherwise, let’s try to keep it to one slice of cake, and possibly one scoop of ice cream, if available.  I would like to make dessert my last meal, and not snack afterwards, but that is contingent on how I feel.


I am starting on my first bottle of water, and need to stay on it today.  The rise in temperature during my walks is going to dehydrate me, if I don’t keep on top of my water intake.  It shouldn’t be too hard today, as I seem pretty thirsty right now, so I should be able to get my requirement in without much trouble.



I have started on my second bottle of water.  I also made a shake from some banana-strawberry protein powder, and some almond milk.  I am starting to get hungry, but I am trying to put off lunch until around 3pm.


I had my usual lunch, I tried to hold off as long as I could.  My water consumption is right on track today.  I just finished my second bottle of water, and am moving on to my third.  I can’t wait to get home, and get some steak.  I think I am going to try to cook it in the oven for 15 minutes.  The steak I cooked last night was a little to rare for my taste.

It looks like it is raining outside.  I just looked at the weather report, and it starts right as I am about to leave here; what the hell?  That sucks, wet shoes and cloths, thirty minutes in the damn rain.


I am starting on my third bottle of water today, so goal met, there.  I went into the work kitchen, and started looking around.  My options were whole grain bread, steel cut oatmeal, a cereal of some sort, and broccoli.  Only one of those options matched my healthy eating criteria, all the others sounded good to my taste buds.  That sucks, all the carb related items, would have killed my diet roll, and I just cannot stand the taste of broccoli right now.  I chose not to eat anything, and now I am starving.


It was raining out, and I had a 30 minute walk back to my truck.  It sucked, a little bit, because some asshole bus driver, splashed me at the bottom of a hill where water had pooled.  Other than that it was OK.  My knee held up fine, and feels good so far.  I will give walking a try with the new brace tomorrow, and see if it works as well as the piece of shit brace we had laying around.  I am worried I ordered a brace that is too big, but I will find out tomorrow.



I got home, and had an apple and some almonds to take the edge off of my hunger while the stove heated up.  I had my usual steak and vegetables.  It was good, as usual.  I cooked it in the stove for 15 minutes and it turned out perfect.  I forgot to take a picture of it, so there is a stock steak image above.

I did good staying away from the sweets in the kitchen, but man it was tough.  I kept looking at the cookies and brownies on the counter.  It took all my will power to not touch them.  I stayed upstairs and chatted with the family for a bit, but when I couldn’t stop thinking of the cookies and other shit, I ran downstairs.  RETREAT!

I am working on my bottle of water as I type this, so I will meet my goal for today, in the water department.


I needed a snack, before heading to bed.  I went upstairs and grabbed an apple, and some more almonds, just a handful of them.  After I eat this snack, I am heading to bed, so that will be all for tonight.