Current Stats

Current Weight: 386.2 lbs ( -53.8lbs )

I am not really disappointed with today’s weight.  I knew this was coming, but I am not sure that I thought it would be this bad.  I mean really a 2 pound gain, over my my previous 2 pound loss.  What the hell.  Did I really just take one step forward and one step back?  Now, I know that this weight gain is probably from the carbs I ate last night, and will fall off pretty rapidly, but I still frowned when I saw the scale.  Were those biscuits worth the heart ache?  Yes, they were.

Here is the Glorious Data and Graphs

Click Here to view the actual spreadsheet.



I went to bed really early last night, maybe around 8:00pm or so.  After dinner, I didn’t have dessert, or snacks or treats, I just fell asleep.  I woke up this morning pretty early, and worked on my graph a little bit, adding a trend line, and making it pretty.  I weighed after my morning constitutional, and frowned at my 1.8 pound gain over a couple of days ago.  Yes, this is carbohydrate related weight gain, and will fall off, but I still hated to see it.  I would especially hate to see it affect my trend, so I need to buckle down, and make sure, I don’t have any slips for the next week.  I want to see if my self control can hold out.

I would like to leave the house early today, and get my walk on.  I think I might have had my Donjoy Reaction knee brace on inside out, when I was having problems yesterday.  I didn’t have any issues with the brace on the morning walk, so it had to be user error.  I am going to try it again this morning, and hopefully it works out.  I think that if I replace the Donjoy Reaction knee brace with a different one, it will probably be a Donjoy Tru-Pull Lite knee brace.


I came upstairs and got ready for work.  I packed up my breakfast items, prepared my shakes, and took my vitamins.  I am not sure, Glucosamine and Condroiton has any effect on my joint health.  I am inclined to believe that it doesn’t as I experienced no positive effects after using it for 6 months.  I may discontinue its use.  The other vitamins I take as a safety precaution, in case I am not getting enough vitamins and minerals through my diet alone.


A Map of My 1.86 Mile Walk

I Walked 1.86 Miles, and Burned 494 Calories.

Nope, nope, nope.  I tried out the Donjoy Reaction knee brace again, just to make sure, it didn’t actually suck.  It still sucked.  It does not seem to stay put, when worn over another item of clothing.  I think I am going to see if I can find a replacement for this dud.  I will concede, that it does seem to do it’s job, but it is uncomfortable to wear, while it is doing it.  My walk suffered today, because I had to keep stopping to adjust the brace.  It seemed tight enough, but it has to worn against the skin i suppose.  I will need to find an alternative to this knee brace, as I am unhappy with it.

So, even with a sucky knee brace on, I still managed to get in quite a bit of exercise this week.  This is a personal best for me, as I have only walked 3 days in the past.  Today will mark my 5th day, which I am very proud about.

a picture of the hill, which usually causes my knee problems.

“Scotty, divert all power from life support, to propulsion”


a picture of my sausage and egg sandwich

Breakfast of Champions

I got to work and cooked my usual breakfast.  I made it out of the house this morning before I had a chance to cheat on my diet.  I am trying to return to my normal routine, and get back on track, after last nights dinner.  I believe the carbs from the 4 biscuits alone, is responsible for the weight gain this morning.  I am hoping it falls off like it usually does.  I think the goal is to get in plenty of water, and get my exercise in today, and I should see a noticeable improvement tomorrow morning.


I setup the return for Donjoy Reaction knee brace, as I was unsatisfied with it.  I am looking at alternatives now.  I think the Donjoy Reaction was a little too on the aggressive side for me.  I just need my patella to track properly.  I think I have loose knee caps, and they wander around, which may be causing pain over time, and use.  I think I need a brace that makes sure my patella stays in line.  So I am looking at minimalist alternatives, this time around.


a picture of my lunch, a chicken tenderloin, vegetables, and a protein shake.

I had Some Lunch

I got my lunch in early.  My usual chicken tenderloin, and vegetables.  I also had a protein shake.  I am behind on my water consumption today, so I will need to play catch up on that.  I am still working on my first bottle.



I am starving, and fighting the urge to either order something to be delivered here, or going into the back to raid the kitchen.  Boredom has set in, and I really want to take a nap, or eat.  This is getting ridiculous.  How can I be hungry, I ate like an hour and half ago.  I don’t think it is hunger, as much as it is the boredom.  It still sucks.


A picture of a full bag of popcorn

I’m Going to Eat, All of This!

I ate a full bag of popcorn.  It was a bad idea, but it was the best alternative I had available.  I need to get 100 calorie bags for work, and maybe some lunch meat to snack on while I am here.  I am fighting the urge to eat more.  I am not hungry, I am just eating out of boredom at this point.  I should work on my other websites to keep me busy, but I am not really in the mood today.


I walked 1.82 Miles, burning around 490 calories.

What the Hell, Where is My Map?

What the hell, my walking app didn’t capture any GPS data.  Not only that, but I apparently forgot to end my walk properly, and continued to log, while driving home.  The bag of popcorn was a terrible idea.  It made me feel sweaty, I don’t think I want to do that again.  I will need to find alternatives for work snacking.

I think my phone was broken, as that doesn’t even look like my proper heart rate, but the average seems correct.  I will need to look into this, the next time I walk.

I didn’t use the Reaction knee brace, on the walk home, because I hate it so much.  I used the cheap one we had at home, and it worked great, it is just undersized.


We had dinner early, and the shitty part is everyone was having hamburgers and brats.  I was too lazy and hungry to wait for then to finish, and cook my steak so I just ate what was available.  I tried to keep it reasonable, but I had trouble keeping it under control.  I had 2 hamburgers, a scoop of beans, and a scoop of macaroni.  I also had a bratwurst.  This is going to hurt tomorrow.  I can’t wait for my brother and his family to leave, and head home, so I can get back to normal.

My phone may be broken, possibly water damaged.  The touchscreen isn’t working properly.  I wonder what else can go wrong today?



My phone isn’t working very well, at all now.  So, no pictures of the almonds and the apple that I ate.  I am just considering this my snack for the evening, and then heading to bed.  I feel crappy from the hamburgers and brat, that was a terrible idea.  Today is full of bad decisions.

My brother and his family have headed back to St. Louis, so now I can try to get back to my normal routine.  I hope mom throws away the brownies, and cookies, and cake, that is left over, as I will probably have trouble staying out of them tomorrow, if I get bored.

Just a little heads up, Monday and Tuesday, I will probably be working on my other websites so I don’t know how well I will keep track of my diary.  I will try to take photos of what I eat, but most of the writing will probably be a summary of my day.

I am done writing for today, today sucked.