Current Stats

Current Weight: 395.4 lbs ( -44.6lbs )

So my fiasco yesterday amounted to just under 10 pounds of weight gain.  I am hoping that 5 of that is actual weight, and the rest is just water from the carbohydrates that I ate.  Damn you hamburger and bratwurst buns, and also macaroni and cheese.

This morning I called an audible, and am trying to get back on track.  The sweets have been thrown out for the most part, with the exception of the cookies, which I successfully avoided this weekend.

It’s That Time Again; Data and Graphs, Hooray!

Click Here to view the actual spreadsheet.

Crap, my trendline is heading the wrong way, somebody stop it.

TL;DR For Andrea!

This is a new section I am adding, because Andrea said she couldn’t be asked to read 900 words.


Breakfast went well, I ate some things that didn’t shit all over my diet.  I took some photos, and then got to work on another website that I am working on.

Lunch was pretty good, but I had to force myself to stay out of the bad crap.  Might take a nap afterwards.

Dinner was a near disaster.  I had steak and vegetables, but my kryptonite was laying all over the kitchen counter.  I ate some bad things, but might have torn myself away quick enough.



I got home from my appointment at Columbia Strength and Conditioning, and cooked breakfast.  Who the hell, chose that URL anyway, that is a PITA to type.  It is like I have to favorite the page, and then copy and paste the link.  Ridiculous.  Anyway, back to my breakfast.  I had 2 egg whites, and one egg yolk, with one sausage patty, and a slice of whole grain toast.  I have added one scoop of protein powder to my breakfast, at Melissa Reams suggestion.  The goal is to even out my protein for this meal.  She drew me a pie chart, it looked like this.

So here are some photos I took of my breakfast, feast your eyes.

So, when I put all that into MyFitnessPal, which I hate, because the app is so slow, I get the following.

a picture of myfitnesspal

MFP Data

I don’t like how many calories that avocado has in it, and I may see if I should remove it.  I only added the avocado to get my fat up.  I will wait and see what Melissa says about it, and go from there.

Time to settle in, and get some work on my website done.



I had my usual lunch.  Teriyaki chicken, and 16oz of northwestern vegetables.  I had to force myself to stay out of the gutter.  I had to, on more than one occasion, tell myself not to eat things.  All of that being said, I stayed out of trouble.  I had a really tough time not eating crackers and cheese, or cookies, or even peanut butter and celery.  I could have gone up early and had a snack, but I got distracted working on other things.

I will probably take a nap, as I accomplished what I set out to do on the other website, and now I am preparing mentally for the next step.  The next part is going to be time consuming, as it is a lot of monotonous copy writing.  How the hell do I come up with keyword rich text for every model of iPhone and iPad, I am dreading this next part.  I just need to get it over with, because once it is done, I will never have to do it again.

I am just finishing my first 72 oz bottle of water, and will head up and get my second.  I am on track to meet my water goal.



I came upstairs late, to cook dinner, and all of the shit I love to eat is laying out on the counter.  I start cooking my steak and vegetables, and get to nibbling on the crackers and cheese that are laying out.  I have a couple of slices of french baguette, and two spoonfuls of cake.  I managed to tear myself away before I got too deep into it, but I am not sure how this will effect my diet.  I figured that I have a 600 calorie deficit for today, so maybe I will be ok, but I ate carbs which cause me to swell up like a damn balloon.  I am not sure what will happen.

How can a person diet in these conditions, what the hell.

We will see how it goes tomorrow, but I feel like throwing in the towel.  I feel like a cocaine addict, living with other cocaine addicts, and they don’t care that I am trying to quit.  I wonder if I won’t be able to diet properly, until I get out of this house.  I am not sure, but I think I would have been fine if all that crap hadn’t been out on the counter.

I expect the same thing will happen tomorrow, as there are still left-overs in the fridge.  I think I will come up and cook dinner early before my parents, and then hide in the basement, until they are done, then come up for a snack later.

I am praying that things go better tomorrow.  I can’t wait to start the week, and get back to my usual routine.