Current Stats

Current Weight: 397.8 lbs ( -42.2 lbs )

I am up 2.4 pounds over yesterday.  I wouldn’t have thought that 6 crackers, 6 cubes of cheese, some salami, a couple of slices of french baguette, and 2 spoonfuls of cake, would have  put me over with a 500 calorie deficit.  I guess I was wrong.  I think it is time for a radical redesign of my diet.

So the goal will be to lower my carbs, increase my protein to a moderate level, and keep my fat at a higher level.  I want to try to find a way to get veggies into every meal, and am looking for solutions.  I will see what I come up with.  I am going shopping today, and will see what my options are.

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I am up 2.4 pounds over yesterday, and am re-designing my diet.  Breakfast went as planned, but is a bit light because I forgot to cook another egg.  I went shopping and found some beef jerky and pork rinds to snack on.  I am cutting the apples out of my diet, because carbs.

I had 6 oz of chicken strips, and 16 oz of vegetables for lunch.  I snacked on a jerky strip and some pork rinds while I was cooking the chicken, but it was better than eating crackers and cheese.

I had my steak and vegetable dinner, and then an ounce of beef jerky for a snack.

Overall, I feel pretty good about today.



I woke up early, and saw a 2.4 pound increase over yesterday.  I need to make some changes, and get my shit in order.  I am looking over my current diet, and making some changes.  I am lowering the carbs, increasing the fats, and keeping the protein at moderate levels.  Gone are the slice of bread in the morning, and I am getting rid of the apples in favor of a beef jerky of some sort.  I am also upping my protein with shakes, possibly with added coconut oil.  That last bit is supplementary, depending on what I snack on.  I will be keeping the steaks, and other vegetables.  I am still working on it, but will keep you posted.

I have set MyFitnessPal goals, to under 50g of carbs, 120g of fat, and 160g of protein, calories should be around 2100 or so.  I am not really that concerned about following MFP exactly, because it counts the carbs in vegetables, and that throws off the calorie counts, so MFP is not gospel.  All I am concerned about is not eating unhealthy carbs, and getting enough protein and fat.

I will need to sack up, and quit getting into the shit I know will hurt my diet, that will be the toughest part.  I am hoping that by eliminating the bread in the morning, my brain won’t be craving carbs in the first place.  I think it is best to avoid unhealthy carbs altogether, if at all possible.

I want these next two weeks to be a test, and see how this plan works out, and if it is successful, we can adjust it from there.


I am finishing up my first 72 oz bottle of water right now, and then I plan to head upstairs and cook breakfast.  after that, I am heading out to do some shopping.


I cooked one egg, one sausage patty, and half an avocado, for breakfast.  I also made a shake with one scoop of protein powder, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and 8 oz of almond milk.

I meant to cook 2 eggs, but I mis-read MFP on my phone, and accidentally only cooked one.  The coconut oil in the shake, was a pleasant addition, it gave the shake a hint of coconut flavor, and turned out really well.  I missed the bread in the morning, but it is for the greater good.  I am sure that eating it would have resulted in danger later in the evening.  I am planning to get dressed in a bit here, and head to the store, and see what I can find.  The goal at the store is to look for beef jerky alternatives, and see which one is the least harmful.  It sucks because it looks like all the flavored ones have more carbs, probably from the sugar content.  I will see what is available and go from there.


I found some good items at the store.  I got some Jack Links Original Beef Jerky, and some Utz Pork Rinds.  I picked the original Jack Links, because it had the lowest carbs of all the beef varieties.  I was also strolling along the snack aisle, and saw pork rinds. They have 0 carbs, and 8g of protein per 1/2 oz.  I thought that wouldn’t be a bad snack option.  I also got my usual items, like avocados, apples, and vegetables.

I did switch up my chicken selection to an un-marinated variety, which has fewer carbs, but may be less tasty.  I will have to see how they cook up, and decide from there.

I had a snack after getting home from the store.  I chose the jerky to snack on, and weighed an ounce into a bowl.  I will have to see how this affects MFP, but as a snacking option, jerky is less disastrous than cookies, or cake, or cheese, or any of the other shit around here.  I have also adjusted some settings and goals in MFP, and hope to keep better track of my calorie consumption.  I will post the daily log at the bottom, at the end of the evening.

I am reading now that apples are a shitty deal on a low carb diet, and I will try to avoid them.  I shouldn’t have bought them in the first place, but I bought them out of habit.  I am going to try to eat the other snacks, instead.


I finished my second bottle of water.  I think I am going to take a nap for a bit, I keep yawning.  I have an acute headache, hopefully just from carbohydrate withdraw, if such a thing exists.



I had 6 oz of chicken strips and 16 oz of vegetables for lunch.  I cooked the chicken strips in sweet and sour sauce and hot chili sauce.  It was very spicy, and I will probably change some things on the recipe, as it is still burning my tongue.  While I was cooking the chicken, I snacked on a strip of jerky, and a pork rind.  This will be accounted for in MFP, and may throw my balance off, but I won’t sweat them as they are a better snack than I have been having.  Healthier options, eh Melissa.

I am finishing up my third bottle of water now, so I am over my goal for today, and will probably be around 300 oz, or so of water.

The afternoon went great.  Any snacking I did was limited to like a strip or two of beef jerky or a pork rind or two.  So far, I feel pretty good about today.



I cooked up my usual steak and vegetable dinner.  No change there.  I came up for dinner late, because I was busy working on something.  As I expected, leftovers were strewn around the counter.  I snacked on a jerky strip, and a pork rind or two, while the stove heated up.  I stayed out of trouble, and I feel pretty good about it.

I already feel thinner than I did this morning, I wonder if this will show on the scale tomorrow.


I had an ounce of beef jerky for a snack, while I start on my 4th bottle of water.  The plan is to head to bed around 9pm or so, and wake up early to walk to work.

Overall, I feel like I had a pretty great day today.  I think I stayed on the rails for the most part, and any snacking I did, was low in carbs.  No apples, or cheese or crackers.

Tomorrow is another day, and I will see if I can keep this up.

There is my MFP log for the day.  The jerky and pork rinds are an estimate, but not far off.  Click Here to take a look at the actual log.