Current Stats

Current Weight: 395.2 lbs ( -44.8 lbs )

I am down 2.6 pounds over yesterday.  Hooray, we’re off to a good start.  Hopefully, with the addition of exercise this week, that will get me back down pretty quickly.

Let’s Kick Some Graph!

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I had my usual egg and sausage breakfast, with a half an avocado.  I forgot my snack items at home, as I am not in the habit of packing them up yet.

I worked on my other website some, and then got busy at work, and neglected to eat lunch.  Water consumption was just below target, but I can make that up tonight.  The walk home went well, but my shin splints are getting worse.  I need to look for new shoes.

I had my usual dinner of steak and vegetables.  Mom and Dad went to olive garden, and I ate a bit of their left-overs.  I am still under my calorie and carb goals for today, so I should be fine, weight wise.



I made the walk into work this morning, despite the rain.  It managed to stay pretty light throughout my walk.  Hopefully it will be the same, on my walk back.  I restarted my phone, and that seems to have fixed the issues that I was having Sunday.

I cooked up some breakfast, but discovered that I forgot to pack snacks for today, uh-oh.  I am just hoping that I can stay out of the crapper today, and then tonight I should be OK.  I need to make a note, not to forget the snacks, tomorrow.


I was too busy today, to get lunch in.  I didn’t snack on anything, and didn’t eat until I got home for dinner.  I did get in two bottles of water, and a protein shake earlier in the day.  I am adding this note later in the day, at 7:58pm, as I didn’t have time today to stay current.



The walk back to the truck went well, but my shin splints are getting worse.  I need to replace my shoes.  I lucked out and the rain cleared by the time I was heading back.


I got home and had dinner.  I had my usual steak and vegetables.  Mom and Dad, went to Olive Garden, to celebrate my Dad not having prostate cancer.  His biopsy came back negative.  They brought home left-overs, and I had 3 lobster ravioli.  I ate quite a bit of pork rinds, and some beef jerky as an after dinner snack, as I was still hungry.  It was an ounce of pork rinds, and and 2 ounces of jerky.

I am working on my first 72 ounce bottle of water, for this evening.  I want to get two of them in.

There is my MFP log for the day.  The jerky and pork rinds are an estimate, but not far off.  Click Here to take a look at the actual log.