Current Stats

Current Weight: 389.6 lbs ( -50.4 lbs )

I am down 5.6 lbs over yesterday.  I am really liking the changes that I made to the diet.  I am excited to see if I can keep this up for the next two weeks, and see where I end up.

Time for a Graph

Click Here to view the actual spreadsheet.

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I worked on my other website, for most of the day, and got distracted, and didn’t keep this diary current.  I did bring my pork rind snacks, and jerky snacks to work today, and enjoyed those.

I walked back to the truck in the rain, so I could take a computer back to my first customer, and got soaked.

Dinner was the usual, steak and veggies, but I snacked on pork rinds and jerky while the stove heated up.



Work on the other web page is coming along, slowly, but surely.  I have one of the pages done, and have about 12 more to go.  I got up this morning, and weighed and was happy to see a 5.6 lb loss.  I assume it is all the water weight dropping off.  I will know more in the next three days.  I was under my water goal for yesterday, by about 40 oz.  I will try to do better on this today.

The new snacks I got, are working out really well, I am really pleased with them.


The walk to work went great.  I did some stretches before I left the house, and they seemed to help with the shin splints.  I will give stretching a try before I leave the office tonight, and see what happens.


I am having my breakfast.  One egg, one sausage patty, and a half an avocado.  I didn’t forget to pack my snacks today, and I have lunch in the freezer.  I am working on my first bottle of water now.

I will be working on my other website throughout today, so updates will be sparse.



I had my pork rind snack, because I remembered to bring them today.  I love these things.  I think I accidentally packed 1 oz into a bag, but I am not sure, because I can’t remember what I weighed them at.


I had chicken strips, and 16 oz of vegetables for lunch.

I am sorry for the lack of content today.  It is currently 11:00pm and I am going back and trying to remember details about today.  I was busy on my website and you know how that shit keeps me occupied.



I had to return a computer to my first customer.  I had to walk my ass off to get back to the truck as fast as I could.  It started raining about 10 minutes away from the truck and I got soaked.


I got home and cooked dinner, my usual steak and vegetables.  I also had a small bowl of pork rinds.

There is my MFP log for the day.  The jerky and pork rinds are an estimate, but not far off.  Click Here to take a look at the actual log.

I am heading to bed, because I am very tired.  Good night.