Current Stats

Current Weight: 386.8 lbs ( -53.2 lbs )

I am down 2.8 lbs over yesterday.  My weight loss is slowing back down, which tells me the water weight has fallen off, and now we are back to the hard work.

Time for a Graph

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I forgot my sausage patty for breakfast, so that threw my diet off a bit today.  The walk in to work, caused my knee quite a bit of pain.  I am worried about the walk home.

I stayed busy at work, and that kept me out of trouble.

The walk home went great, and my knee felt fine.  I want to try to make the walk tomorrow.  Dinner was my usual meal, and I kept my snacking to good food items.



I woke up early this morning, because I was tuckered out last night, so I went to bed at around 11:00pm or so.

I got a quote from a potential supplier, regarding my starting order of iPhone parts, and I got a bit of sticker shock.  I knew it would be expensive, but I didn’t expect it to be $3600.  Oh well, I need to buckle down and save up some more money.  I am probably about $1500 away from that goal, which isn’t too bad, and will probably only take me a month or so.


I must have pushed my knee over the edge on yesterday evenings walk.  It hurt this morning when I got out of bed, but really got angry during the last half of my walk.  I may let it rest this weekend, and get a different knee brace for it.  I will see how it feels on this evenings walk back to the truck.  Otherwise the walk went as usual.


I forgot my sausage patty at home, probably because I got distracted packing my snacks.  I am still not in the routine yet of packing everything up.  So, breakfast looks a little odd this morning.  I am having jerky as my protein, and an egg, and an avocado.


My afternoon went well, I ate my pork rind snack at around 1:00pm or so.  I had a late lunch, at 3:00pm, I had chicken strips, and vegetables.  I forgot to take pictures, because I was busy fixing iPad Minis, all afternoon.

Not much else to tell you about here, I was busy today, and that kept me out of trouble.



I thought my knee would cause me trouble on the way home, so I took it easy, and kept my pace down a bit.  My knee ended up feeling fine.  I think I am going to make the walk in to work tomorrow, as well.


I had my usual steak and vegetable dinner.  I snacked on pork rinds, and jerky, as the stove heated up,  I forgot to take photos of them.  I think I may be falling off in that area, and need to get back on track there.  I kept it under control today, and stayed out of all the bad shit laying around.

There is my MFP log for the day.  I am a bit high on the protein, because I threw my diet off, by forgetting the sausage patty this morning.  Calories remained in check, but water consumption was a tad low.

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