Current Stats

Current Weight: 385.8 lbs ( -54.2 lbs )

I am down 1 pound over yesterday.  My weight loss is back to my normal rate.  Time to settle in for the lock haul.

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I am down 1 pound over yesterday.  I need to keep up my routine, as this is when my diet gets the hardest, so far.  I am editing this diary after the fact, because I was busy all way yesterday, looking for suppliers for my business.  I apologize for the lack of content in this update.

I walked in to work, and my knee was in a moderate amount of pain.  I think I had my crap brace on slightly tilted, and it was making my knee cap shift a bit.  Otherwise the walk went OK.  I had my usual breakfast, of a sausage patty, egg, and half an avocado.

I switched back to a marinated chicken thing for lunch, because un-marinated chicken sucked.  I had my snack earlier in the day, and lunch at around 3:00pm

The walk back to the truck went pretty good.  I tried to get the brace inline with my knee cap and that seemed to help.  I forgot to stop recording the walk after I got back to the truck, to MapMyFitness recorded the drive home, so I won’t be using that map in this diary update.  I ran out of pork rinds, and jerky, so I will have to stop by Gerbes tomorrow and grab some more.




I woke up pretty early this morning, and started talking to some Chinese suppliers about getting some parts.  They all say they are the best quality, and some are cheaper than others.  So far, I have it narrowed down to about 2 suppliers.  My problem lies in the cheaper parts.  There is a place in town that sells absolute crap parts, but advertises the lowest price in town.  I would like to beat their prices, but not have to deal with a ton of warranty returns.


I started my walk to work, and had a bit of trouble with my knee.  I think I had my brace on a little sideways, as it felt like it was pushing my knee cap out of alignment.  Otherwise the walk went OK.


I got to work and had my usual breakfast of a sausage patty, egg and half an avocado.  I feel like this breakfast is getting boring, but it is stable.  I will have to look in to other breakfast options.



I had some beef jerky and pork rinds for a snack.  I just ate them all at once, because today is a short day, and I can wait until later when I have lunch.  I forgot to take a photo of it, but it was 1 oz of pork rinds, and 2 oz of beef jerky.


I had lunch a little later today, and I think I will regret it.  I don’t like being full on the walk home, it makes the walk harder.  I switched back to marinated chicken, because un-marinaked chicken tastes terrible.  I had this with 16 oz of vegetables, and a protein shake.

I got in two bottles of water today, and will try to make up the difference when I get home.


The walk home went pretty good.  I had my knee brace on properly, and it kept me out of trouble there.  I also tried to pace is slower for about the first 10 minutes to warm up a bit.  I got to the truck and I swear I stopped the clcok, and saved it, but it looks like I must have resumed the work out, because my log shows my whole trip home, and it continued to run until I was making this comment.  I will not be posting this map, as it is useless.



I got home an had some beef jerky and pork rinds.  I was in a snacking mood, more than an eating mood.  I had about 2 oz of beef jerky, and about 2 oz of pork rinds.

I cooked a steak up, but I didn’t feel like eating any vegetables, so I didn’t.  I didn’t take a photo of the steak, because it was just a steak on a plate.  I am low on my fat and too high on my protein.  I will need to keep a closer eye on this going forward.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.

I went downstairs, and headed to bed, pretty early.  Today was kind of a boring, tiring day.

There is my MFP log for the day.  The jerky and pork rinds are an estimate, but not far off.  Click Here to take a look at the actual log.