Current Stats

Current Weight: 384.4 lbs ( -58.6 lbs )

I am down .4 pounds from yesterday.  I have to go see Melissa this morning, and share the happy news.  I seem to be below my personal best, today.  385 has been a tough goal to achieve, because I tend to get very hungry around this weight.

Time for a Graph

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I am editing this page on the 11th, because I was distracted by playing games, and forgot to take photos of most of the food I ate.

The morning went well.  I tried out a new omelette, with a sausage patty, and a couple of egg whites, and a slice of cheddar cheese.   I put salsa on it, but I will probably leave that off on the next one.  It made the omelette too spicy.

I took a nap from around 1:00pm to 3:00pm, and then had my usual chicken and vegetable lunch.  I got some new under clothes I was waiting for to stop the chaffing.  I tried them on and then I took a computer I was working on, back to a customer.

Dinner went as advertised.  I had my usual steak and veggies.  After dinner I came downstairs and played with overclocking my computer.  I ordered some new clothes.  I am down a size from 4xl, to 3xl.  The new clothes will be a better fit.


I weighed in after I got my shower, and still had some improvement, despite eating a couple of pork sandwiches last night.  It was better than I expected, as I thought I would have gained a pound or two.

After my meeting with Melissa, I want to SAMs, and went shopping.  I picked up some snap peas on her suggestion, for bulk snacking.  I also got all my usual stuff.

I got home at around 11:30am or so, and made a late breakfast.  I tried to cook an omelette, and it went really well.  I cooked 1 whole egg, and an additional egg white, with a slice of cheddar cheese, and a chopped sausage patty.  I put salsa on it for spice, but went overboard on it.  It was still good, but I can do better.


I played games until around 1:00pm, and then took a nap.  I had a late lunch, at around 3:00pm.  It was my usual chicken and vegetable dish.  After lunch, my new gear arrived.  New boxer brief things, and a new heat gear shirt for the summer, along with some new shoes.  I tried them all on, and went out to deliver a computer I was working on.  The gear is awesome, and stays really cool.  I am noticing that my pants and outer shirt are getting very baggy, and I disapprove of the appearance.  I am thinking about going a size down on some new clothes.

a picture of my teriyaki chicken and vegetables.
I also got some new cables to run from my graphics card to my monitors.  I hooked them all up, and now I have all of my monitors working again.  It feels like I am back to normal.


I came up for dinner at around 5:00pm or so, and did the dishes while I cooked it.  I snacked on the snap peas for a bit, but also had a few pork rinds, and a few slices of jerky.

Dinner was my usual steak and vegetable affair, nothing to write home about.  I forgot to take a photo of it, so there is an image from an earlier post below.

After dinner I kept snacking to a minimum, with only small handful of pork rinds later in the evening.  I pre-weighed the snacks I had earlier in the day, so all my snacks, with the exception of the snap peas, are accounted for.

Ew, I almost forgot to tell you.  I bought some new clothes.  I measured all the appropriate areas, and got some properly sized clothes.  I seem to be down a size.  I have gone from a 4xl, to a 3xl.  A new pair of pants, and a new outer shirt as well as a new belt, is on the way.  I also went to Under Armor, and got a new compression shirt.  I had ordered a new one a couple of days ago, but it is sleeveless, and too short.  The new one I ordered, is short sleeved, and a tall fit, so it should fit better.

There is my MFP log for the day.  The jerky and pork rinds are an estimate, but not far off.  Click Here to take a look at the actual log.