Current Stats

Current Weight: 380.4 lbs ( -59.6 lbs )

I am down 2.4 pounds over yesterday.  I feel pretty good overall.  My back pain has gone way down.  I didn’t get into any trouble last night with the steak fajitas, so I am pretty happy about that.  My new under clothes have really improved my walking, so that is a plus.  I get my new knee brace today, as well as a new pair of shorts, and a new shirt.  I am still waiting on my outer clothes to arrive, and they say around 7 to 10 days, which sucks.

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My walk into work this morning went really well.  I really worked up a sweat, which felt pretty good.  My knee isn’t causing me any trouble, my shin splints are subsiding, and my chaffing has stopped.  I am pretty happy right now.

My shoes are loosening up a bit, but they still hurt a little.  They don’t seem to interfere with my walk, but they do cause a bit of pain early on.  It goes away after about a half mile or so.

I cooked up my new omelette, and it turned out great.  I had an avocado with it, and I am starting my first bottle of water.  I snacked on snap peas, instead of jerky and pork rinds, while my omelette cooked.  I like adding less dense foods as my boredom snack.  It feels like it is guilt free, and it leaves my other snacks for later in the day.

I am heading to my Grandmas for Easter, so I will have to stay on my toes.  Easter dinner could be a bad one, if I don’t watch out.  I am working on a plan, but haven’t settled on anything yet.  From what I hear we will probably have baked pork, and some sides, but I don’t know what those are yet.  I will see if I can find any smart alternatives laying around in the refrigerator, and add them to the meal.  I may try to pack a couple of bags of my vegetables, and take them with me.  I will probably have to pack a whole days worth of meals to take with me.  A sausage patty and avocado and cheese for in the morning.  Chicken and vegetables for lunch.  A bag of vegetables for dinner, to add to whatever meat they are having.  Not to mention pork rinds and jerky and snap peas.  Damn, I will need a separate bag just for the food.

I think I may try to get some walking in on Easter Sunday.  I planned a route that is around 4.5 miles, and would probably take me an hour and a half or so.  That is more than I usually do in a day, but after my walks to and from the truck, I usually feel like I have gas left in the tank, so I don’t think it will be a problem.  If I get into trouble, I will just call someone to come pick me up.  The exercise should help out if I get into trouble with my diet.  I would like to get in five days of walking this week anyway.

It is only 10:17am, and I am already starting on my second bottle of water.  I finished off the rest of the snap peas I brought with me.


It’s around 1:00pm, and I am getting hungry again.  I am going to try to put off lunch until around 2:00pm.  I am into my third bottle of water today, so I will end up meeting that goal.

I will probably be cooking lunch up, here in a little bit.

I had lunch at around 3:15pm.  Pretty good, as usual, but I forgot to add butter, which moistens things up.  As it was, the chicken was a bit dry.

It is only 4:15pm, and I am into my 4th bottle of water today.

It has been a long boring day so far, and it is going so slowly.  I hate days like this.  I caught myself looking through the fridge, for something to eat.  I am not hungry, just bored.  I came in this morning, but I thought it was Friday.  I just looked at the calendar, and realized it is only Thursday.


The walk back to the truck went pretty good.  It was pretty warm out, so it got a little uncomfortable.  Otherwise it was fine.

I got home at around 7:00pm, and cooked dinner.  I had steak and vegetables.

I got my new under clothes and some new shoes.  I ordered another pair of shoes to have spares for when the current shoes start to crap out.  I am still waiting on my belt and outer clothes.  I got the email this evening, and they won’t be here until next Wednesday.  I was hoping to have them by this weekend, but oh well.

I got into a little trouble later in the evening.  I had a larger snack of pork rinds and jerky than I should have, that probably added 400 to 500 calories to my day.  I will need to account for this in MFP, and it may add some weight.  I hope it isn’t too terrible.  I am not sure what happened, but I was starving, when I got home.  I will need to try to switch to snap peas or carrots for bulk snacking like this.  I will have to train my brain to reach for different snacks.  It may take some doing.

There is my MFP log for the day.  The jerky and pork rinds are an estimate, but not far off.  Click Here to take a look at the actual log.