Current Stats

Current Weight: 383 lbs ( -57 lbs )

I am currently at my Grandma’s for Easter.  I don’t have a scale here, and today will probably be a bad day.  Big breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  I will try to keep it reasonable today, but there are no guarantees.  There is an awful lot of candy and cake around here.

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Let’s Talk About it

Today is Easter day, and I decided to head to St. Louis to visit with some family.  I am adding this page on the 17th, because the laptop that I took to St. Louis with me was slow as shit.

I woke up pretty early at around 4:00am.  I visited with Grandma, before the rest of the family woke up.  So far so good.  I went back and took a nap until around 8:00am, when breakfast was done.  I had a single egg, and like 6 sausage links.  I avoided the toast and hashed browns.  That was tough, as I kept eyeballing the toast.

That went pretty good.

I came back to the kitchen at around 10:00am, looking for a snack.  I got into the crust of a dutch lattice apple pie, and that is where my day went downhill.  Add in a smattering of Reeses Peanut Butter eggs, and Twix eggs, and you have my mid morning snack.  I actually accounted for these items up to this point, but by around 12:00pm I had already exceeded my goal, and then I said “screw it.”  I stopped counting after that, and let my food flag, fly.

We had lunch around 1:30pm after my Brother arrived.  We had honey baked ham, with a brown sugar crust, asparagus, and mashed potatoes, and croissants.  I ate the shit out of most of it.  No holds were barred.  At this point I could feel my blood glucose rise.  The sweaty, clammy feeling, and general malaise.  Whatever, I went back and took a nap.

Dinner was around 5:30pm.  I forget what we had for dinner.  I think it was left over ham sandwiches.  I only had one sandwich, so that wasn’t too terrible.  I could have fared worse, but we’ll be thankful for the little things.

After dinner, we packed up our shit, and started the drive back to Columbia.  Our convoy stopped at McDonalds, in Warrenton, for soda and fries.  I just passed that, and parked at the exit lane, and waited for the others.  I stayed out of trouble there.

I got home, and grabbed a bottle of water, and headed downstairs to go to bed.

That was the end of my day.