Current Stats

Current Weight: 384.2 lbs ( -55.8 lbs )

I am up 1.2 pounds over yesterdays assumption.  I didn’t have a scale to weigh in yesterday morning, so I just carried over my weight from the previous day.  I think I fared better than I thought I would, given all the carbs that I ate.  I am back in the safety of my own home today, so I think I am back on track.

Time for a Graph

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I had my usual breakfast.  My sausage, egg, and cheese omelette.  Nothing to crow about here.  I had a protein shake and an avocado to go with it.  So far I am staying out of trouble.  We should pray though, because there is leftover cake in the fridge.  I am trying to stay out of it.


it is around 12:30pm and I had a 3 oz chicken thing for lunch with around 16 oz of vegetables.  Pretty much a lighter version of my usual lunch.  I have narrowed my diet down to around 1600 calories, for this week.

The hunger pangs I was after have set in.  I will need lots of self control to keep it going today.

I went upstairs for a snack at around 3:00pm.  I kept it reasonable by eating into a bag of snap peas.  I didn’t count them, or weigh them, I just ate them.  That was about as far as that snack went.  So far, so good.  I kept my grubby hands out of the cake so far.


I had my usual steak and vegetable dinner at around 6:30pm.  I would tell you I was starving, but I know that I was not indeed in danger of dying from starvation.  Just moderate hunger pangs.  Hunger is fat leaving the body.  I am getting that screen printed on a t-shirt.

I finished my dinner upstairs, and then retreated to my room, before my Mom cooked up her ham and pasta thing.  I wanted to avoid the pasta, if at all possible.

I came up for a snack at around 8:30pm.  I ate into some pork rinds and a bit of jerky.  I am out of snow peas, so that was all I had left.  I will need to go heavier on the vegetable snacks on the next trip to the grocery.  I am thinking snow peas and baby carrots.  I would like to start eating more of those in place of jerky and pork rinds.  I can’t eliminate them though, because they help me keep my protein and fat up.

As of right now at 10:45, I am finishing up my third 72 oz bottle of water, so I am over my goal there.  Hunger pangs have been pretty constant throughout today, so I think I am doing OK there.  Tomorrow is grocery day, and I plan to go heavier on the veggies, and am excited to begin the switch to those, instead of jerky and rinds for most of the snacks.

There is my MFP log for the day.  The jerky and pork rinds are an estimate, but not far off.  Click Here to take a look at the actual log.