Current Stats

Current Weight: 382.8 lbs ( -57.2 lbs )

I am down 1.4 pounds from yesterday.  My low calorie diet cycle is going well, with some minor hiccups.  I am staying mostly in a hunger mode, and while sometimes it is uncomfortable, I hope it is rewarding.

Time for a Graph

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I woke up at around 6:00am or so, and worked on my other website quite a bit.  I got into my first bottle of water pretty early.  I waited to have breakfast until around 9:30am.  I had my usual sausage, egg and cheese omelette.  I also had a protein shake, and and avocado with it.  I forgot to take a picture of it, sorry.

I waited to go grocery shopping until around 11:30am.  I am going light on the beef jerky and pork rinds, and heavier on the baby carrots, and snap peas.  I am looking to get some less dense snacks into my diet.

I had to fight the urge to stop at a burger joint and get a hamburger.  It was tough, but I was successful.


I got home and cooked up some chicken tenderloin for lunch.  I had 16 oz of vegetables with it.  I am holding the butter for this week, to keep calories and fat down, a bit.  Instead of beef jerky, and pork rinds, I snacked on baby carrots, while lunch cooked.  So far so good, let’s hope that I can keep this up.

At around 1:30pm I took a nap, because, boredom, and some hunger later in the afternoon.  I woke up around 3:30pm, and got a call from an old customer, about their iPad.  I drove over there and fixed it for them.  After I got home, I snacked on more baby carrots.


At around 6:30pm I cooked up my steak and vegetable dinner.  I snacked on more baby carrots while dinner cooked.

I made the mistake of getting into some almonds, while I waited for dinner.  After I added them to MFP, I winced at the calorie density of them.  They threw off my diet for today.  I am around my calorie goal, but my protein is a lot lower than I would like.  I should be fine tomorrow, I will just avoid the almonds, and stick to carrots and peas.

There is my MFP log for the day.  Click Here to take a look at the actual log.