Current Stats

Current Weight: 386.2 lbs ( -53.8 lbs )

I am up .4 pounds over yesterday.  What the hell.  I was under my calorie goal, and still gained weight.  Oh well.  I will stick with it, and it will go down eventually.

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I drove to work today, and had breakfast.  I didn’t walk today, because it was raining.

I snacked on pork rinds and jerky, but made the mistake of bringing the whole bag in to work with me.  I ate all of it, and will have to pare down the rest of the meals today, to compensate.

I had a modest steak and veggie dinner, because I was hungry.  This will put me over my calorie budget, but oh well.  I will have to lose it through the next week.



I didn’t walk in to work today, because I had to use windshield wipers on the drive in.  That is my rule.  If I have to use windshield wipers, then it is raining to hard to walk in.  I swear that is not a cop out.  I had my heart rate monitor on, and my pant legs tied up, and everything.  I may try to make it up on my days off, but will not commit to anything.


I had my breakfast of an egg, sausage, and half and avocado.  I snacked on some pork rinds and jerky while that cooked.


Dammit, I wound up eating the whole bags of pork rinds, and jerky.  I couldn’t stop, it was incredible.  I will account for it in MFP, and make adjustments, but I think lunch is blown.

Lesson, pack smaller sizes.

I picked up medium sized bags of pork rinds and jerky at Gerbes, and that made it way too easy to finish them.  I am heading to SAMs tonight, and will break them down into smaller bags.



I have skipped lunch because my binge episode of pork rinds and beef jerky threw my log off.  I am going to try to eat a modest dinner, but can’t promise anything, as I am really hungry right now.  I am prepared for whatever weight gain this brings, and hopefully can use it as a learning experience.



I got home, and waited to cook dinner.  I just decided to cook up a 4 oz steak and 16 oz of vegetables.  I will be over my calorie budget for today, but I am not going to bed hungry, damn the consequences.


I wasn’t that much over my budget, but we will see how tomorrow looks.  I am expecting maybe a pound or two of weight gain, possibly, but we will see.