Current Stats

Current Weight: 376.6 lbs ( -63.4 lbs )

I am down 2 pounds over yesterday.  The low calorie diet is doing its thing.  I am staying in hunger mode for a good deal of the day, but so far I have only been snacking on snap peas and carrots.  I may be feeling more tired than usual.  Yesterday I was a little tired, but I thought it was just boredom.  This morning I feel a little more tired than I normally do, as well.

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I got up around 6:00am this morning, and hung out until 6:30am, when I went up to prepare my meals for the day.  After all that was done I headed back down to take a shower.  My GI tract was feeling unmotivated this morning, so I skipped that.  After the shower I weighed in at 2 pounds under yesterday.  I am pretty psyched about that, but I will have to see how long I can continue this level of caloric intake.  I am already feeling tired, and during my walks I seem to wear out faster than usual.  I can power through it, but it is just a change I am noticing.

My walk this morning went pretty well, my leg muscles were sore, but it went away after about a half mile or so.  Otherwise, all was well.

I cooked up my usual breakfast omelette, with an avocado, and protein shake.  I had a small cup of baby carrots to snack on while I cooked up breakfast.

I think I am going to try to continue with a 1600 calorie diet for the next two weeks.  I want to see what the net effect of this lower calorie diet is, and get a measurement of the weight loss over that time.  After that run, then I will probably up the calorie count to ~2000 calories, for the next two weeks, to see if there is any difference.  It is just a little test I am thinking up to get more data.

So far, I am really pleased with the way this diet is going.  I am getting into the habit of avoiding the bad crap, and looking for healthy alternatives.  I was really satisfied a couple of days ago, when I avoided eating hamburgers, or their associated buns.  I really want to see if I can keep myself out of trouble for the next two weeks, and go from there.


So, the steps I took to prevent brute force hacking of this site, may have been a bit too draconian.  I just password protected the directories for the admin area, and called it a day.  It occurred to me this morning that visitors to this site, who try to create an account, would not have the necessary passwords, and would be blocked.  As well as any current users, who tried to login.

I have removed that restriction, and installed a separate plugin, that will try to provide a less restrictive measure of security.  Hopefully this will not get in a persons way, when trying to view or post on this site.

I have also gone in, and purged any inactive, and spam user accounts.

If anyone has any problems logging in, or creating an account on this site, just send me an email by clicking here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It is 1:30pm, and I am snacking on some carrots.  I am putting off lunch until 4:00pm, so I am not so hungry when I get home, but not so full that it is uncomfortable to walk back to the truck.

I haven’t really felt tired today, so my energy levels yesterday may not be diet related, as much as sleep related.  I feel pretty good today, and am excited to walk back, and make my steak.  Damn that steak last night was delicious.  I am ready for this day to be over, and get into the weekend.  I have short business hours on the weekends so the days go by quicker.

This Monday and Tuesday on my days off, I need to get a lot of work on my other website done.  I got the basic layout and formatting on the iPhone repair pages done, but I need to make the images, and rewrite the text.  I basically just copied and pasted the text from the iPhone 5s page.  After that is done, I am going to get the on page SEO looked at by a “professional,” and make some changes, and probably have a copywriter redo the introduction text on each iPhone page.  I need the keyword density to be adequate without it sounding unnatural.  I am also looking at having a logo designed, but that can wait a while.  I found a supplier in the US, that will be a great start, but I am hoping that as the business grows, I can get parts from China, as they are a great deal cheaper, by cutting out the US middleman.  I would say I am not too far out from starting this business up, and advertising on FaceBook, and Twitter.  I am very excited and nervous.

The rest of the afternoon went fine.  I got lunch in around 5:00pm, which is later than I would have liked, but oh well.  I got my BCAAs in around 5:30pm and I started my walk back to the truck at 6:00pm


The walk back to the truck went fine, no knee pain, or other problems.

I got home around 7:00pm and cooked my steak dinner.  I cooked it like I did last night, but added a few minutes in the oven, and it turned out great.  I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was awesome.

After dinner I brought some pork rinds downstairs, and ate those, just to fill out my macros for today.  That is all I have for today, I am going to publish this, and then head to bed.

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