Current Stats

Current Weight: 386.6 lbs ( -53.4 lbs )

I am up .4 pounds over yesterday.  My indiscretion yesterday, put me up a little bit, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The goal today is to stay on target, and keep myself under control.

It’s Graph Time!

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I woke up way earlier than usual, because I went to bed super early last night, to avoid eating more than I could afford to.  I finished up the computer I was working on, and chilled out until around 7:00am.


I went upstairs, and there was some Weight Watcher cake my Mom made.  It is made out of sugar free cake mix, and some sort of diet soda.  I am not saying it is healthy at all, but I did have a slice of it.  It was pretty good, it tasted like orange cake.  I had a small handful of almonds, and hung out with my parents for a little bit.

I played some video games for a bit, and took a nap until about 11:00am


I got dressed and tried to take that computer back to the customer, at their pre-determined time, and low and behold, they weren’t there.  I waited for about 30 minutes, and gave them a call, and they were out of town, and wouldn’t be back until 4:00pm.  Really, would it have been too hard to let me know?

After that, I went by Sams and picked up some groceries.  I upped the amount of pork rinds and jerky I bought, because I ran out last week, causing the headache I had yesterday.

After that, I put fuel in the truck and headed home.



I made a late breakfast.  I cooked up my usual egg, sausage, and had a whole avocado.  I also had a protein shake with it, so I could get my protein up to par.  I had a small piece of jerky and a pork rind, while I cooked up breakfast.  So far today, I have done really well.  I am hoping I can keep this up for the remainder of the day.


I took that computer back, and all is well there.  Let me tell you what sucks.  I get home, and all my computer monitors are blank.  The lights are flickering on the computers, but not displaying.  I pull my main computer out of the server rack, and take a look at it, and just as I feared, the graphics card is dead.  That was like a $500 graphics card when I bought it.  Dammit, so I had to pony up and get another graphics card.  It is top of the line, I spared no expense.  For the next 4 to 7 days, though, I am running on the integrated graphics, which sucks.  I can’t play any games.  I tried, but it looks like a slideshow.

One positive note, in this ordeal, is that I was planning to upgrade graphics cards anyway, this just pushed the time table up on that.

I stayed out of trouble otherwise, and didn’t get into anything I shouldn’t have.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I forgot to eat lunch, because I pushed breakfast back so late.



Mom made some sort of pasta, beef, tomato, thing that had cheese on it.  I ate a couple bowls of it, because the damn stove was a mess, and after dealing with my computer for the later bit of the day, and spending quite a bit of money on a new graphics card, I just wanted comfort food.  We will see how it affects my weight tomorrow, and go from there.  That was really my only indiscretion today, so I make no apologies.

I don’t know how to account for the shit I ate for dinner, so I am not going to bother.


I had some beef jerky for a snack, but I kept it under an ounce.

There is my MFP log for the day.  The jerky and pork rinds are an estimate, but not far off.  Click Here to take a look at the actual log.