Current Stats

Current Weight: 386.2 lbs ( -53.2 lbs )

I am down .4 pounds over yesterday.  I guess those shrimp tacos weren’t too terrible after all.  Or all the crawling around on my floor that I did cleaning up my wiring, counts as exercise.

Time for a Graph

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I walked to work, but forgot to log the walk, so there is no record of it.  I swear I did it though.  I had my usual breakfast, but I think I am getting sick of it, may find the gumption to look for a replacement.

Lunch was the usual chicken and vegetables, I am getting sick of it too.  My day went pretty good, except for the part where I did my taxes, and owe like 2200 bucks.  I may try to get it deferred until August, so I can pay it.

Dinner was a smashing failure.  Mom cooked a SkinnyTaste recipe, and I over did it.  Melissa is probably keen to ask me what was going through my head, so she can analyze my emotional state.  I can honestly say that I was lazy, the meal was prepared, and I was hungry.  Yes, I could have stopped at one, but I didn’t want to.  On top of that I had like 3 rolls, so I expect to gain a pound or two.  After the day I had, I don’t care.



I walked in to work today.  I know I set my band to start logging it, but when I got to work, I must not have saved it properly.  It is not showing up on my band, or MapMyFitness.  I must have said not to save it.  My bad.  I did walk in though.  It went pretty well.  My knee didn’t cause me any trouble.  I think I have figured out how my knee brace should be oriented.  It was a little humid out, so I did sweat a little.  The weather says it might be raining on the walk back to the truck, but I hope it isn’t, or at least not a lot.


I cooked up breakfast.  I had a sausage patty, and an egg.  I threw out the avocados because they were gross.  I ate a piece of beef jerky, and a pork rind while the other items cooked up.  I have also started on my first bottle of water.



I ate both of the bags of treats I had prepared.  I am waiting to have lunch at around 3:00pm or so.  I just did my taxes and found out I have to pay the IRS $2200.  Wow, that sucks.  I have asked for a deferred payment plan, that would let me pay it off by August.  Man the blows just keep on coming.


I had my lunch at around 3:00pm.  Not much to say about that.  It tasted ok, and I ate it, but I am getting sick of it.  I need to think of some alternatives.  Maybe some sort of salsa omelette thing with ham in it, and then an avocado on the side.  Ew, or maybe an omelette with sausage in it.  I will think about it, but I know this;  if I have an omelette, it is going to have cheese on, or in it.


I am short on my water intake for today.  I only got in 2 bottles of water at work.  That will put me behind this evening.

This IRS deal has my head all fucked up.  I work for someone else, who is either too lazy or avoiding it altogether, to pay employee taxes.  So I am basically a contractor, but I don’t get a 1099.  That means that I have to pay my own taxes, and being that I work for someone else, I can’t really claim all the deductions that I would like.

If I had my own business, I would make as much as possible, and spend as much as possible on the business, and by the time I was done, I would basically have a stated net income of under $10,000.

As it sits right now, I can’t really claim all of those tasty deductions, so I have a big tax liability.

Another thing that sucks, is I have a small amount of credit card debt.  I am readjusting my focus to get that payed off first, before starting my own business.  There are pros and cons to either side of this.  I could buy a small amount of parts, and advertise a sale, you know, “Limited Time Only, While Supplies Last,” kind of deal.  I bet that would work out pretty swell.  Advertise for a couple weeks leading up to the sale, and then on Monday and Tuesday, try to get as many people in as I can.  Then take the profit, and buy more parts.  I bet that would work out.



I walked home, but about half way through, I noticed that the light was red on my heart rate monitor.  I was strolling, so I know I was not in high intensity mode.  I think the heart rate monitor is malfunctioning.  Add that to the list of shit that I have to replace.  Anyway, I get to the truck, and forget to turn off the monitor, and log it, so I actually logged part of the drive home.  Dis-regard the additional 200 calories, that I burned while driving.

You can see on the heart rate graph where it says I am at 200 bpm.  I was nowhere near that.  It felt more like 120 to 130.


I get home, and dinner is already cooked.  It was a SkinnyTaste recipe my Mom made.

I ate like 3 of those suckers, and to top it off, I ate 3 Kings Hawaiian rolls.  Take that, diet.  I don’t know what was going through my head.  Frustration, anger, some shit like that.  I don’t know, maybe those are all just excuses.  I know that I got home, dinner smelled good, it was already prepared, and it didn’t sound like it would throw my diet completely in the shitter, so I ate it.  Tomorrow is another day.


I was hungry some more, so I went upstairs and grabbed a handful of beef jerky.  I am estimating it at 2 oz.  I did manage to finish a bottle of water so I might have actually met that goal.

I am expecting to gain a pound or two from the rolls.  I don’t care today.  Hopefully I can pull myself out of this damn rut.  There is just too much going on that is failing on me, and I am getting sick of it.  Maybe I will convert to Amish-ism, they seem like a wholesome people.

I am done writing about this crappy day.