Current Stats

Current Weight: 387.7 lbs ( -52.3 lbs )

I am up .9 pounds over yesterday.  I blame the rolls, and the cheese.  I don’t care, yesterday was worth it.  I do need to get my shit together though.  I am not liking where this is heading.  But, for real, have you ever been so frustrated with shit, that you just run to the cupboard, because that is the way I felt yesterday.  I am tired of spending money, tired of owing money, tired of shit breaking, tired of getting credit card bills.  A lot of things were going on yesterday, and I let it get to me.  We will see if I can get back to steak tonight, and go from there.

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I walked into work and my heart rate monitor is still on the fritz, it is a piece of crap.  I had my usual boring breakfast, but it was cold by the time I ate it.  I need to find a replacement for sausage and an egg.

Lunch went as planned, with a jerky and pork rind snack throughout the day.  The day was boring and slow.

Dinner stayed on target, with just a steak and 16 oz of vegetables.  I had more jerky and pork rinds as a later snack.  It is all accounted for.

All in all, it was a good day.  Nothing broke, and no unexpected bills popped up.  Hopefully this continues through tomorrow.  My graphics card is coming early, so tomorrow, I have something to look forward to.



My heart rate monitor is still on the damn fritz.  I saw the red light again.  I am not replacing this sucker, it can lick my butt cheek.  Worthless piece of crap.  I am keeping the bracelet though, because it changes the music track playing on my phone, so it is a keeper.

My walk went good.  Oh, hey, my thighs burned holes in my compression pants, so I didn’t wear them today.  I thought I was going to regret it, and I did a little bit, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I may try it again, or I may look into Under Armor Heat Gear shorts for this summer.  Undecided at this point.

My crappy, undersized knee brace is still working like a champ.  I need to get a better one though, but after yesterday, I am finding it hard to spend the money.  I had about a $1000 saved up, and I threw it on my credit card bill, to try to get a head start on that.  That was my parts money, and I think I regret losing it.  I think in the end though I would rather have no credit card debt, and start a business in the green, so to speak.  I may put together $500 and buy a small batch of parts, and sell them off, and try to build my inventory off of that profit.


I got to work and cooked my usual boring breakfast.  I am getting sick of this combination.  Stupid egg and sausage, why are you so boring.  I should look into omelettes, but if I do, I am getting some cheese in there.

I actually cooked it at 9:00am, but I have been updating this diary, and am just now eating it at 9:53am.  It is cold, and I hate it, but I ate it anyway.

Business Ideas, by Kevin

I was thinking, Under Armor should build the heart rate monitor, into the Under Armor shirts, so I can just plug the heart rate monitor into the shirt, instead of wearing a stupid, damn, chest strap.  This would only, of course, work on their compression wear, but it is still an awesome idea.  Someone find me a patent lawyer, stat.

Kevins’ Stupid Purchases

I bought these Under Armour Genesis 2 Record Equipped shoes, and they are junk.  I can never get the pedometer in the shoes to sync to my phone, so that was a worthless addition.  Next time I am just getting regular shoes.  I mean the Record equipped feature added $25 to these shoes, and it is not worth it.

The heart rate chest strap was another stupid purchase.  It is stupid to put on, it smells, and now it is failing.  I will not be replacing this.

I think I will be cutting back on my supplement purchases as well.  I think I am getting rid of all the vitamins that I am taking, and I will probably get rid of the morning energy cocktail that I buy.  I think I will just stick to protein powder.  That should reduce my bill from about $200 every two weeks, to about $60 dollars a month.  I am still thinking that over, I may keep the muliti vitamin, and possibly the omega 3.  But the probiotics, and glucosamine, are worthless as shit.  I will see.



I held off on lunch for a bit, trying to put it later in the day.  I moved all my snacks to my 4th meal in MFP, because I kinda snack on them throughout the day, but the grand total is accounted for.

I am hoping to get home, and cook up a steak, and get back into the swing of things, regarding this diet.

I am on my third bottle of water today, and right on track there.


I had to pee pretty badly for a bit.  I got up to set it free, and a customer walks in.  This customer took a good 10 minutes to find their own phone number so I could call them when I had their phone fixed.  So I had to stand there twitching and fidgeting while they dig around for their phone number.  It was awful.  Don’t worry though, I was able to pee shortly after they left.  I have a thing about peeing with people around.  I think it has to do with the water on water noise.



The walk back to the truck was hard.  My knee was acting up, but not too terrible.


I cooked up some steak and vegetables.  I stayed out of trouble this evening, and stayed away from the carbs.

I threw another $450 at my credit card bill, trying to get it payed down.  Hopefully nothing else breaks or goes wrong.  I may buy a new knee brace, and some new leg pants, but that is all I have on the list for now.

There is my MFP diary for today.  I feel pretty good about it, and hope I can keep it up tomorrow.