Current Stats

Current Weight: 385.4 lbs ( -54.6 lbs )

I am up .6 pounds over yesterday.  The damn 385 barrier rears its ugly head again.  I was pretty hungry this morning, but resisted the urge to eat early.  Maybe with some perseverance, I can break this barrier, and keep it going.

Time for a Graph

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I drove to work today, because my thigh is wounded.  It seems to be on the mend, but I an taking the next four days off of walking while I wait for it to heal, and get new shoes and stretch pants.

The day went very well, and I met all of my goals during the day.  It was a pretty busy day, up until the end, when it got boring, but there was nothing at work to boredom eat.

I got home from work early, and I had a pork rind and jerky snack.  Later in the evening, I had a serving and a half of pork chops.  It was higher in carbs than I would like, and it threw my calorie count off, but it wasn’t too unreasonable.



I woke up early this morning feeling pretty hungry.  I resisted the urge to go upstairs and eat, though.  My leg is still very raw from the walk back to the truck yesterday.  I thought about things I could do to cover the wound, but nothing seemed appealing.  I thought taping a towel around it might help, but would probably not stay put.  Maybe a towel with an ace bandage could have done the trick.  I have new shorts on the way, and they should be in on Monday, along with new shoes.  The knee brace is going to take a bit longer, but should be here within the next week.


I got to work and made my paltry egg and sausage breakfast.  boring as usual.  I have some other recipes in mind, but will need to get to the store for ingredients.  I brought 2 oz of jerky and 1.5 oz of pork rinds with me to work, and will be accounted for in total on meal 4 in MFP.  I plan to snack on them through the day.


The afternoon is going pretty well.  My thigh is still killing me.  I am calling this condition “Chub Rub.”  I will be trademarking that, you can talk to my trademark attorney.  Hopefully, it heals up by Wednesday, so I can get back to walking.

I am hoping that I can stay out of the treats this weekend, and through my days off.  In my experience, this will be tough.  When I get down around 385-ish, I start to get hungry, and I throw my diet in the garbage.  I want to try to avoid that.


I got home at around 4:30pm, and snacked on some pork rinds and jerky.  I got hungry around 6:00pm, and went upstairs looking for something to eat.  I didn’t really feel like cooking anything.  I found some Oven Breaded Pork Chops.  This was a SkinnyTaste recipe Mom made last night.  I found these left overs in the fridge, and had 1.5 servings.  I regret the decision after inputting them into MFP, but it is not as bad as I could have done.  It was higher in carbs then I wanted, and also calories.  That is the trouble with accounting for shit after the fact.

There is my MFP log for the day.  The jerky and pork rinds are an estimate, but not far off.  Click Here to take a look at the actual log.