Current Weight Loss Stats

Current Weight: 375.6 lbs ( -64.4 lbs )

I am down .6 pounds from yesterday.  I think the days of big number losses are behind me, at this point.  I now know why all diets tell you you can “lose 15 pounds in your first two weeks.”  That part is easy, but I think it sets people up for disappointment.  Now I am at the point where it is probably just a slow and steady weight loss, even at ~1600 calories.  I will see how tomorrow goes, but right now, I expect to keep on this calorie level, for a few more weeks.  I want to get an idea about the numbers, and then up the calories to ~2000 or so.

Weight Loss Graph

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Morning Diet Journal

I weighed in after I got out of the shower, and was a little disappointed to see a .6 pound loss over yesterday.  I was hoping it would be a bigger number, just based on my past performance.  No big deal, we are still trending downward.

I made the walk in to work this morning, without any trouble.  I think this is the first time I have gotten in 5 full days of walking.  Weather or injuries have gotten in the way previously.  I am pretty proud of that, and am excited to keep up the trend.

I got to work and cooked my usual breakfast.  I had my omelette, a protein shake, and an avocado.  I snacked on snap peas while I cooked up the omelette.  I was pretty hungry this morning, with noticeable tummy rumblings.  I am hoping that is a good sign.  Hunger is fat leaving the body, I always say.  I don’t always say that, but sometimes I do.

a piture of my weight loss diet breakfast

Just my omelette, and avocado

Afternoon Diet Journal

The afternoon went pretty good.  It was a slow day, as Sundays usually are.  I got distracted watching YouTube cat videos, and neglected to eat lunch.  It wasn’t intentional, I swear.  I just looked at the clock, and noticed it was like 3:00pm.  I didn’t want to eat at 3:00pm, becuase then I would feel all full and jiggly, on the walk to my car.

The walk back went great.  I probably had less energy than usual, because I missed lunch, but I made it back.

Evening Diet Journal

I got home and cooked my steak.  I altered the recipe, and it turned out awesome.

I made the mistake of getting into a couple bags of Doritos Cool Ranch chips.  If we look back, I can tell you it was because I got home at like 5:00pm, which is way earlier than my usual time.  So I cooked, and ate dinner earlier.  Then I got hungry at like 7:00pm, and went looking for a snack.  Missing lunch probably put me in a huge deficit, and I was hungrier than usual.  I could have taken steps to prevent this, but I didn’t.  For the next couple of weeks, I will have to watch out on Sundays, as they seem to be my trigger days.  I will probably set an alarm for Sunday to remind me to eat lunch.

weight loss diet MyFitnessPal log for 4-23-2017

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