Current Weight Loss Stats

Current Weight: 377.8 lbs ( -62.2 lbs )

I knew it was going to be awful.  The sauce I put on the vegetables last night put some weight on.  I won’t be doing that again.  I will probably just microwave them, and then salt an pepper them tonight, and see what tomorrow looks like.  I will probably call a mulligan, and continue the 1600 calorie diet through next Wednesday.

Weight Loss Graph

weight loss diet graph for 4-26-2017Click Here to view the actual spreadsheet.

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Morning Diet Journal

I woke up around 6:00am, and weighed in at 377.8.  It is some weight gain over yesterday, but I expected it, after I put the sauce into MyFitnessPal.  That sauce had way more carbs then I would have thought.  Oh well, today is a new day, and I am getting back into the work week.

The walk into work this morning went pretty well.  I felt larger and jigglier than I like, but after gaining 3 pounds over my last low, that is to be expected.  Otherwise the walk was fine.  No pain, and only moderate muscle ache.

After I got to work, I cooked up my breakfast.  I am having my usual omelette with an avocado, and protein shake.  I snacked on a baby cucumber while I cooked up breakfast.

weight loss diet breakfast 4-26-2017
I think the goal for today is to meet my water intake goal.  Not to mention staying on track with my food.  I need to buckle down and keep my eye on the ball here.  I would like to get comfortably below 370 in the next week, if at all possible.  The shirts I got are starting to get tight, and I don’t want to go back to the larger ones.

Afternoon Diet Journal

The afternoon went really well.  I had my lunch around 3:00pm, and kept my snacking to a baby cucumber.  Not much to say otherwise  I forgot to take a photo of lunch, so I am posting a stock photo below for eye candy.

My walk home went well, with the exception of the rain.  It was only misting, so it wasn’t too bad.

Evening Diet Journal

I got home, and cooked up my dinner.  I cooked my steak and stir fry vegetables.  I left the sauce out of this one, and substituted some garlig, and ginger in the vegetables.  It was ok, but not as good as the sauce I had yesterday.

weight loss diet dinner for 4-26-2017
I stuck to the plan today.  Let’s hope it pays off tomorrow.

weight loss diet myfitnesspal log for 4-26-2017

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