Current Weight Loss Stats

Current Weight: 374.2lbs ( -65.8 lbs )

I am a pound under yesterday.  I am back down to my previous low, after the bump I had several days ago.  I am pretty hungry this morning, and will have to be careful.  I would like to avoid any slip ups for the next week and a half.  I will have to stay strong on Sunday, because past experience tells me Sundays are a problem.

Weight Loss Graph

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Morning Diet Journal

My windshield wiper rule was in effect this morning.  It was raining pretty hard, so I drove to work.  There will be no walking today.  I may try to make it up on Monday or Tuesday, but I probably won’t.

I got to work, and cooked up breakfast.  While I was cooking, I ate a baby cucumber, and several Roma like tomatoes.  I don’t know what they were called, but they came in a bowl, and they all look like small tomatoes.  I hate putting this small shit into MyFitnessPal.  I don’t know how many grams of tomatoes I ate, I just had three of them.

I had my usual omelette, and avocado, with a protein shake for breakfast.

weight loss diet breakfast for 4-28-2017

Afternoon Diet Journal

The afternoon went really well.  I had lunch around 12:00pm or so.  I had my chicken and stir fry vegetable thing.  The day was pretty slow, and boring, but I stayed out of trouble.  I snacked on a few baby tomatoes, at around 3:00pm.  Tomatoes arn’t my favorite snack, but they are growing on me.

Not much going on today.  I am having my logo designed for the other website, as well as the text professionally written. I am looking forward to seeing the product.  That should just about finish up that page.  I am excited to get started on the business venture, but should probably wait until the end of summer.  The summer is a terrible time to start a business in Columbia.

Evening Diet Journal

I went by Sam’s on the way home from work.  I needed to pick up some more vegetables.  I got the broccoli Normandy vegetables.  They aren’t my favorite kind, but they have fewer carbs, and more fiber than the other alternatives.

I got home and tried reverse searing my steak.  I put it in the oven first, for about 20 minutes, and then seared it on the stove.  The steak was good, but it was tougher than when I sear it on the stove first.

After dinner I grabbed 1.5 ounces of pork rinds, and headed downstairs.

I stuck to the plan today, and other than feeling hungry, a lot, I feel pretty good about it.

weight loss diet myfitnesspal log for 4-28-2017

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