Current Weight Loss Stats

Current Weight: 372.6 lbs ( -67.4 lbs )

I am down 1.6 pounds under yesterday.  Not too shabby.  Now I will see if I can keep up the good work.

Weight Loss Graph

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Morning Diet Journal

I woke up around 7:10am or so.  I slept in a little bit.  After I got my shower I weighed in, and was down 1.6 pounds under yesterday.  I am sticking to my plan, so far, and haven’t had any trouble.

I was driving into work, and it wasn’t raining, so I figured I would make the walk in.  I get about half way through my walk, near the corner of College and Walnut, and this massive hail storm hits.  I mean it is pouring its balls off.  I get soaked rather quickly, so I decide all is lost, might as well finish the walk off.  I made it the rest of the way to work, and assessed the damage.  My top half is pretty dry from my jacket, but my bottom half is drenched.  Oh well.  I am worried most about my feet, being in wet shoes for the next 7 hours.  That is going to suck.

I got to work and cooked up my breakfast.  I am having my usual omelette, with an avocado, but I forgot to make my protein shake this morning.  I will have to make that up later on this evening.

weight loss diet breakfast for 4-29-2017
I snacked on a baby cucumber while I was cooking breakfast.

It is around 10:30am and I snacked on a handful of baby tomatoes.  I am getting into my first bottle of water.  My lower half is still pretty moist.  I make sloshing sounds when I walk.  I am also pretty cold.  Today is going to suck.

Afternoon Diet Journal

It is about 2:00pm and I am getting some lunch in.  The usual items nothing new to see here.  I am still cold and wet, and I smell terrible.  Next time I walk, I am checking the damn weather reports.

weight loss diet lunch for 4-29-2017
I am not walking back to the truck in this rain.  I called my Mama for a lift.  I should probably try to make it up this Monday and Tuesday, but I probably won’t.  So far this week, I have missed a day and a half of walking.  I hope tomorrow brings better weather.

Evening Diet Journal

I got home and had my steak for dinner.  It was super tough tonight.  My parents were going out for dinner, and it was hard not to say yes to going with them.  I was also in the cabinets looking for snacks, and had to stop myself from getting into the Ritz Crackers.  I did it though.  Sunday looms on the horizon, so wish me luck.

I am out of pork rinds, so I had to double up on the protein powder to compensate.  I will need to pick some more up tomorrow, on the way home from work.

weight loss diet myfitnesspal log for 4-29-2017
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