You See…

What Had Happened Was…

So, my parents and I are sitting in the living room, eating dinner, as we do.  We see this guy across the street, trying to turn this old Ford Ranger around in his drive way, by himself.  This Ford Ranger apparently does not start or run.  He has it in neutral, and is kind pushing it back and forth in the drive way, turning the wheels in between pushes.

We laugh at first, and watch him, hoping he makes a fool of himself.  My Dad and I joke about how it would be funny if the truck took off down our street and crashed into this neighbors house, who we hate.  It was all fun and games, until this man gets sick of pushing, and decides to tow the truck into position, using another truck.  This other truck had the trailer, that the Ford Ranger was supposed to end up on.

We watch on in amusement until the Ford Ranger starts to succumb to gravity and begins to glide towards his Mothers flower bed.  Luckily it stops just short of crushing the flowers, stopped by the railroad tie border.

I decide that I could use some good karma, so I put on my jacket and go outside to offer some help.  I begin by pushing the truck, with him at the helm, and we manage to get it turned the right way, but stuck in the gutter.  Luckily, I have an awesome truck, so I climb into it, and back the truck up to the front of the Ford Ranger and we chain it up, and I pull him in to the street.

We decide that he should take a running start at the ramp, and try to get it on there.

This goes OK, as we almost make it up the ramp, but there is just not enough speed to complete the ascent.

We start brain storming, and come up with some ideas, like pushing the truck further up the hill and getting a faster run at the ramp.  I am all for this, until I realize that the trailer is made of wood, and it has been raining all day.  This would have ended in a slippery disaster.

I come up with the idea to push the truck up the ramp, with my truck, and we grab a tire to use as a bump stop.  All is going swell, until the Ford Ranger crests the ramp, and I hear a crack.  I realize that the trailer hitch on the Ford Ranger has torn into my precious trucks grille.  I wince in horror, but push on, until the Ford Ranger is in position on the trailer.

I get out of my truck to get thanks and praise, and stall looking at the front of my truck, because I knew it was going to be a bad sight.  After everyone had congratulated and thanked everyone involved, I look over to my grille, and see the Ford emblem laying on the ground, and chipped paint on the front bumper where the tire had rested.

Not a huge deal, I tell myself, as I had planned to eventually buy a more awesome off road bumper anyway, and the Ford emblem can just be glued back on with autobody adhesive.

All in all not a bad ordeal, as now I have something on my neighbors, in case I need something.

The moral of the story is, no good deed goes unpunished.